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I am listening intently to both sides of the gun control debate. We all agree that death of innocents by gunfire is a horrific tragedy, no one denies this but is gun control the answer? How many innocent people die each year in car accidents? Do we ban cars? How many people die of medical malpractice? Statistics estimate in the 10’s of thousands. I am not downplaying the tragedies by comparing numbers, or I do not want to, but surely one can see that cancer, malpractice, alcohol, cigarettes and even our beloved cars and airplanes also cause immeasurable tragedies as well and all equally as avoidable. Are we as a society trying to take action against guns because it is something we CAN do while we feel helpless against all the other catastrophes — is this a knee jerk reaction in the wake of innocents’ deaths that we feel we must do something to stop it? And those people who lose loved ones in an air or car crash – do they also not want something to solve tragedy? I find myself stepping back from the emotional turmoil of unwarranted deaths and analyzing… assessing … Do we ever hear about the number of crimes/deaths averted BECAUSE some citizen had his gun. The women who saved themselves from rape, the man in a corner store who saves the clerk’s life in the midst of an armed robbery? Is it reasonable to expect the police to be able to respond quickly enough to avert a disaster? Economics are forcing us to cut back on our police but crimes still occur. The aftermath of Hurricane Sandy — complete lawlessness – how can we protect ourselves if we take away the guns from all registered law abiding people and leave the criminals armed. Tragedy, unjust death is horrific. I, too, want to stop these things in their tracks but let us not forget that the dangerous guns are only the ones in the hands of someone who has no respect for the law or has become mentally unstable. Say by magic guns were gone –pffft! Would these same people not just turn to other weapons? Knives, ice picks, bombs, well… just about anything else? Where is the line drawn? When do we make people not things the reason for tragedy? I was stopped the other day at airport customs and had a gift in my carry-on bag confiscated. I had NO idea a snow globe is prohibited. I did not want it to break in my luggage and judged it safer to be in my carry-on. Wrong! Too much fluid in the ball = they seize it. I lost the gift and the $80.00 I paid for it. I have never broken the law, I respect the law. Why am I being punished? How is it, then, that one may carry on bottles of duty free alcohol or perfume? Any smashed bottle can become a weapon can it not? If my nail clippers are banned then what about all those liquids we do allow on-board transport … What’s that, you say? Ahhh, yes, the government would lose a lot of duty free monies if alcohol and perfumes were banned in transit whereas my snow globe only earned them that paltry sales tax. I am tired of taking the indignities and undeserved losses for the “possible threat to the safety of everyone else”. The good people are being punished. The people who respect the law are being violated for the greater good so we are told. In the end I just need to confess that I am tired of mutely being raped again and again. These guns people want banned are not the threat. In the hands of the wrong person, ANYTHING can be a threat – dogs, knives, snow globes, even the law and its designated authorities.


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